Our Facility

The Spine & Joint Institute is a unique multi-specialty center on the campus of Redlands Community Hospital that is dedicated to providing world-class care to patients with spine, complex joint and other orthopedic disorders. Located in a special section in one of the hospital’s wings, SJI offers an environment and philosophy that sets it apart as a healing center.

The environment is a comfortable setting where patients are outfitted with SJI shorts and T- shirts instead of hospital gowns. SJI post-operative patients are not treated like sick people, they are expected to get up, be active and participate in physical and occupational therapy, group exercise classes, and other educational sessions.

Specialized areas within the SJI hospital wing include therapy rooms, rehabilitation workout areas and even an SJI lounge where the aroma of freshly baked cookies and popcorn motivates patients to walk down the hall and enjoy the treats.

Easy to get to

The Spine & Joint Institute is easy to find and easily accessed. SJI is at 350 Terracina Blvd., in Redlands, between West Fern Avenue and Laurel Avenue.

Visit Us:

350 Terracina Blvd., Redlands, CA 92373
(Between W. Fern Ave. and Laurel Ave.)